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How the process works


You do not have to be accredited to buy and use Belbin reports

STEP 1: Purchase what you need below (or we can invoice you upon request).

STEP 2: We will create your online Belbin account and email you the log in details.

STEP 3: You can generate individual, team, relationship and job reports as required.

Additional credits can be purchased below or via invoice at any time.

NOTE: New Belbin Interplace 8 account or an existing Interplace 7 account?

Brand new clients will be set up with the new Interplace 8 accounts unless we are advised otherwise.  If you are an existing 7 account holder, please feel free to tell us whether you want new units loaded into a new 8 account or your existing 7 account. Call or email any time with questions: T - 1300 731 381 E - or Register for a free Interplace 8 account page that can be used as required to load in new units / credit.  



(active credits / units need to be loaded in as you need them by purchasing below or by invoice).

STEP 1: Order and pay via our store
STEP 2: We will then email log in details for you to  access your New Interplace 8 account or existing 7 account for online set up and completion.  PURELY ONLINE: Instructions and link to complete are EMAILED to you after purchase. Ignore store reference to 'shipping', the profile is done online and comes to you as a PDF upon completion.
STEP 3: Profiles are emailed as PDF's automatically upon completion (Team and other Reports can be compiled by you in the new Interplace 8, or if you are in Interplace 7 you email us to do those for you)
NOTE: For us to compile any required "Team Reports" or "Working Relationship Reports" for you in Interplace 7, simply notify us when your team members have completed their profiles to your satisfaction
(E) (T) 1300 731 381. 
Contact us for Bulk Rates (for over 50 units)  - / 1300 731 381

If you have not received your email link to complete your profiles within 24 hours of payment please contact us (E) (T) 1300 731 381.


Belbin team Roles Australia
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