The Belbin Model is a world-renowned profiling tool that is used for team and leadership

development, as an aid to recruitment, for culture change, career development and talent

management and much more. Our highly experienced Australian team of Belbin Australia facilitators, trainers and consultants will be delighted to help you with any aspect of the Belbin Model and its uses. 



Talan Miller 

Managing Director, Senior Facilitator and Consultant


Talan has been designing and delivering premium quality team and leadership solutions for major clients since 1988.  


He formed Sabre initially based upon insights and skills gained from service as a young officer in the Australian Army, and quickly diversified the company into numerous innovative approaches and themes for team and leadership development.  Talan has been using the Belbin Model since 1989 and is a recognised expert in Team Role Theory and and has used the model successfully in many countries with major corporate, government, defence and sporting clients (e.g. Coles, Coca Cola, Unilever, Department of Defence, Caltex, Jetstar, Aon, Boeing, Marriott Hotels, The United Nations and many more) around the world.  


He is also a sought after designer of sophisticated indoor and outdoor experiential concepts, simulations and business games (many of which can accompany the Belbin Model). His company, Sabre, is itself an example of succesful teamwork, leadership, innovation and longevity having remained at the cutting edge of its field since 1988 with its own effective business leaders and teams.   Talan has also established a number of key overseas partnerships and alliances that now form a global Sabre network.


He is also an accomplished speaker, presenter and facilitator on a range of topics around teamwork, leadership, decision-making and also the impacts of current neuroscience on team and leadership dynamics as a result of a close partnership with the Neuropower Group. 





Megan Miller BSc, BA, Dip Ed (UQ)

Director, Facilitator and Belbin Trainer


Meg has been with Sabre since 1994 previously having served as an Officer in the Australian Army and as a teaching professional.


She has worked on client projects and programmes around the world with major corporate and government clients.  She has designed and delivered everything from major conference and off-site programmes and events to small highly targeted facilitated sessions with project and leadership teams in locations such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, China, The US and Europe. 



Samantha Biddle BSc (UQ)

Facilitator and Trainer


Sam has been with Sabre since 1999 previously having worked as a manager in the hospitality industry.


She has been a senior facilitator with Sabre since 2000 and after an extended exchange posting with an overseas partner was appointed Director of Operations.  Sam has worked extensively with a wide range of Sabre's C&I clients as well as being instrumental in the design, pre-programme logistics and delivery of many of our Team and Leadership DNA programmes here and overseas. 



Craig Penson

Event Manager and Facilitator


Craig began working with Sabre as an event facilitator and has keenly developed his skills and capabilities over the years to become and accomplished event manager and facilitator.  


He has successfully delivered events and programmes for clients in Australia and overseas in locations such as New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.   


Travis Dunn

Event Manager and Facilitator


Travis served with distinction as an Officer and Pilot in the Royal Australian Airforce before working within a number of overseas management, leadership and instructional positions in a major international aerospace company.  


He is a highly experienced facilitator, instructor and trainer with multi-national groups and is a highly adept event manager and facilitator of Sabre events and programmes within our Team and Leadership DNA range.


Stuart Darcy

Event Manager, Facilitator and Client Liaison Manager

Stuart is a highly experienced sales professional who also has management experience in hospitality, manufacturing and property.  


His experience as a Sabre Event Manager spans most of our popular indoor and outdoor approaches, as well as The Belbin Team Role Model and its profiles and reports.  He is also highly engaged in his local community as keen sportsman and also Junior Sports Coach.



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