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Team Building Australia

Team Building Australia

Some recent Team Building Australia best-sellers

Kon-Tiki-Challenge team building Australia
Team Building in Australia by Sabre
Fashion team building in Australia
Team building in Australia by Sabre
Charity team building Australia
Amazing Race Australia team building
Team Building activities in Australia by Sabre.

Team Building Australia


Belbin's sole distributor in Australia is also a Team Building event specialist in Australia. Sabre specialises in the design and delivery of fun and effective team building and team development solutions.  Many options can easily integrate the Belbin Model and Reports to add lasting value to what may otherwise be a simple one-off event.


Sabre are experts in this field (since 1988) and they continue to work effectively Australia-wide and internationally with many major corporate, government, defence, sports, education and NGO clients.


Belbin workshops and reports are easily integrated into their memorable experiential approaches that add lasting value to meetings and off-sites.  A combined programme helps to make any investment far more than just a stand-alone team building activity.


The range of Sabre's team building options covers everything from the purely fun end of the spectrum at off-sites to more substantial team and leadership development programmes.  


Sabre are the team building professionals for Australia based on decades of experience since 1988.


 Team Building Australia - everything from serious fun to serious outcomes.

Team Building activities in Brisbane by Sabre.
Team Building activities in Brisbane by Sabre.
Team Building activities in Brisbane by Sabre.

Team Building Australia by Sabre Team Building



Sabre has delivered many thousands of successful team building events in Australia since 1988.  Belbin workshops and Belbin related conference plenary content can be easily integrated into Sabre approaches.   Tailored Belbin content can be adapted to dovetail beautifully with any selected team building activity options to ensure lasting value from any sessions.   


Activities for team and leadership development can be crafted as purely fun and engaging affairs as well as for high-end experiential learning, business games and simulations.


Team experiences that can work very well stand alone become incredibly powerful when matched with individual and team Belbin profiles and reports that go deeper to reveal what really makes the team tick.  


We have a wide range of creative and enjoyable team building solutions that work both indoors and outdoors at Brisbane conference and event venues and locations. 


Check out some great team building Australia options at Sabre's website - 


Sample Australia Team Building Events

Australian Amazing Team Race – Team exploration in and around CBD


Battlespace – Military themed business game indoors


Fashion Fiasco – Fashion Catwalk Show at indoor venues


Picture Perfect – Painting Challenge at suitable locations


Movie Magic – Team film making out and about


The Quest – Team exploration in and around CBD


Kon Tiki – Team boat building at pools and safe waterways


Team Toy Story – Charity / CSR for kids at suitable locations


When in Rome – Roman themed business game indoors


Versagility – Crazy team games at various locations


Survivor – Parody of the reality TV show outdoors


Team DNA – Sophisticated team development workshops


Rollerball – Team project-based challenge indoor or outdoor





Belbin team building activities in Australia are a great way to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your team. 

Belbin is a proven methodology that focuses on identifying and maximizing the strengths of individuals and the  team as a whole, while also addressing potential weaknesses. By understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of each team member, the team can work more efficiently and effectively towards a common goal.

One of the most popular Belbin team building activities in Australia is the Belbin Team Role workshop. This workshop involves a series of interactive exercises and group discussions aimed at helping team members understand their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their colleagues.

Belbin team building activities in Australia can also include many indoor and outdoor activities from our Sole Distributor, Sabre. These activities require the team to work together in inclusive yet challenging environments, encouraging communication, trust, and problem-solving skills.

Overall, Belbin team building activities in Australia can be an effective way to build stronger, more cohesive teams. By understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of each team member and how they can be applied to achieve common goals, teams can work more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved productivity and better results.



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Picture Perfect Team Challenge

Team Building in Australia
Team Building Australia with Belbin Sabre
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