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Belbin Accreditation

Belbin Accreditation is available online and in-person


Online courses are tailored with self-paced pre-course reading / viewing and then a number of scheduled online one-to-one or small team Zoom sessions with Director level Belbin trainers.


In-person Accreditations are typically of 2 day duration.

Whether you're an HR, L&D or training professional, or an independent facilitator, coach, consultant or leader becoming Belbin accredited will give you a solid grounding in Belbin theory, and confidence in delivering report feedback and team workshops.

Add Belbin to your tool kit. Become Belbin accredited.

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Accreditation Cost

Cost of the standard Belbin Accreditation Course is:


In-person - Aud $2 300* 

*(excluding facilitator travel etc if location requires it)


Online - Aud $2 000

Why Get Accredited?



Build the knowledge to design sessions and interventions.


Access to special “Accredited Only” website sections and resources.

Premium support from the Belbin Team


Use of ‘Belbin Accredited’ Logo.


Internationally recognised certification.


Belbin Accredited Certificate.


Free Working Account with 2 free Belbin profiling units. 

Belbin team Roles Australia

Standard Course Content



The origin of Team Role theory and in-depth exploration of the 9 Team Roles.


The relationships and dynamics that exist between the Roles.


How to generate and understand all key Belbin profiles and reports from the Belbin online systems.


How to interpret and analyse profiles and reports to assist in real scenarios.


Practical uses to which Belbin Team Role theory and profiles can be applied e.g. team building, personal and organisational development, coaching, recruitment, training needs and job analysis and placement.


Practical exercises on giving feedback to individuals and teams.


Discussion of case studies for various uses of the model for individual and team effectiveness and leadership development.


We will be able to tailor aspects of the course to your particular needs and can draw upon presentations, discussions, DVDs practical exercises, case studies and facilitation based upon over 25 years of practical experience with the model in not just its theoretical context, but also with real teams and leaders across many industries and nationalities.


There is an Accreditation test / examination at the conclusion of the course. Official status as a Belbin Accredited user and certification is granted upon a passing mark being achieved and approved by Sabre and Belbin.

Accreditation is NOT mandatory to use Belbin, but is recommended and useful

for those planning to use the Model at depth.  We can also run simple "How To" 

sessions to get you and your people up to speed on the Model, Profiles and Reports.









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