Belbin in Brisbane


The Belbin Team Role Model is easily accessible in Brisbane for business, corporate, government and consulting clients.


Sabre Corporate Development is an Official Belbin Australia Regional Representative and is able to offer the full spectrum of Belbin products and approaches throughout Sydney and surrounding regions.  Indeed, we operate Australia-wide.  


We can offer ...


  • Belbin Team Role Prolfiles (including SPI and Observer) via working accounts and bureau service.

  • Team Reports

  • Working Relationship Reports

  • Job Reports

  • Job Compatibility Reports

  • Official 2 Day Accreditation Courses

  • Belbin "How To" sessions

  • Belbin books, DVD's and games

  • Team and leadership development consulting using the Belbin Model in Brisbane


As we have been designing and delivering solutions for our major clients in Brisbane since 1988, we are easily able to provide the best sales and service as well as highly experienced and accredited Belbin facilitators, trainers and presenters with a wide range of skills and expertise.  


The Belbin Model is a world-renowned tool for profiling teams and leaders to identify behaviour, operating styles, stengths, weaknesses and biases in the legitimate context of the actual team in which a person is working.


The Model can be deployed for...


  • Team Building

  • Team Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • As an aid to recruitment

  • Career planning

  • Personal Development


Belbin sessions and programmes can be delivered in Brisbane CBD, Logan, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or indeed anywhere that your team may be wishing to stage their meeting, conference or retreat.  


To find out more about how sabre can assist you with Belbin in Brisbane please feel free to phone us on 1300 731 381, or email us .


Sabre also designs high-end team building, experintial learning and busienss game solutions ranging from those suitable for conferences to those that can be deployed as sophisticated business games at a leadership retreat.  


Our Team Building Directory website for these approaches can be visited at .