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Belbin for Coaches

The Belbin Model and its profiles and reports (easily created from a Belbin account or system) will give immediate and evidence-based insights into human behaviour.

These can be applied at individual, team and organisational levels to enhance understanding and performance in many personal and professional settings.

Coaches in many fields can make use of Belbin to get the most for their clients.  The tailored advice and guidance from Belbin Reports can structure discussions.  Alternatives can be discussed and training gap analysis taken, if required Individuals can benefit from increased self-awareness and greater personal effectiveness.

There are many free resources to help you use these tools and formal accreditation is not needed to use Belbin, but is highly recommended if planning to use the model at depth over time.


Business Coaches


Business coaches need to offer positive support, advice and feedback to their clients to enhance their personal and business effectiveness.

Using evidence-based tools for developing useful behavioural awareness and development (or change) is often central to this process, and it is where Belbin can offer substantial and rapid help.

The Model itself and the many profiles and reports are used world-wide to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve personal and professional goals.

Belbin can help a coach to work with their clients in a number of areas including:


  • Behavioural strengths and weaknesses

  • Management and Leadership influence and impact

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Performance management

  • Career transition and management

  • Executive presence

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Building their teams

  • Enhance strategic thinking

  • Develop organisational performance 




Life Coaches


Life coaches can help people identify and achieve personal goals through identifying and working with behavioural skills and attitudes.


Whilst out of a workplace setting, a Life Coach can often help a client with insights into their workplace behaviours and their influence on such matters as …


  • Work – life balance

  • Conflict

  • Stress

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Understanding self and others in life and workplace settings


An individual Belbin profile offers immediate evidence-based insight from self-perception, and also from selected reliable Observers for external feedback.



Sports Coaches


A sports coach offers training, support and motivation to their players and teams.  


The behaviours of the individual players, the team as a collective and also the coach themselves will create a unique chemistry that if properly understood, can be worked with and enhanced. 


On field, and off field behaviours can make or break even the best team.  The old adage that ‘a champion team will always beat a team of champions’ has much substance indeed.


Belbin individual profiles and team reports can offer useful evidence-based insight into a team’s strengths and weaknesses beyond the purely athletic dynamics.


Issues on and off field can be enhanced using Belbin insights, such as….


  • Interpersonal communications

  • Conflict 

  • Leadership and followship presence 

  • On and off field behavioural dynamics within a team

  • Individual approaches to on and off field scenarios



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