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Belbin Australia Useful Links

Sabre Corporate Development is the officially appointed Belbin Australia Distributor, licensed and accredited by Belbin UK to deliver the full spectrum of Belbin Team Role Model services, products and approaches within Australia (and to our overseas clients by request).


We can deliver...


  • Belbin Australia Accreditations and Sales (including official 2 day accreditation courses)

  • Bureau service for Belbin profiles and reports

  • Facilitation, keynotes, plenary content and consulting

  • Team Building and Leadership Development solutions

Here also are some useful links to associated sites and services...


The Official Global Belbin Website (UK) -


The home of Belbin and the ultimate source for online videos, useful articles and information about the very latest in the Belbin world. 


Belbin Australia Distributor Website (AUS) - 


Sabre Corporate Development Main Website (GLOBAL) - 


Sabre is an official Belbin Distributor and this website is their global site for team building and leadership solutions in Australia, Asia, Europe, The Middle East and the USA.


Sabre Team Building Directory Website (AUS and GLOBAL) - 


A useful online team building and leadership development directory and site by Sabre Corporate Development featuring a wide range of team building and leadership solutions that work well with Belbin Australia.


Belbin Singapore Distributor Website (SIN) - 


The website of Belbin's Singapore Distributor, Mr Philip Merry, who has many years of experience in the sales, application and support of the Belbin Model in Singapore.


Belbin Denmark Distributor -


Potential are the Official Danish Belbin Representative and provide all forms of 

Belbin profiles, reports, software, Accreditation and support for Denamrk.

Strandvejen 336
2980 Kokkedal

Tlf.: +45 45 81 21 86 (switch board)



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