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Research and Validity

The Belbin Model was created by Meredith Belbin and an eminent team of researchers, psychologists and experts in team and leadership behaviours at Cambridge in the United Kingdom.


Just as Mark Twain said of the weather "everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it", and all too often this was the case (and continues to be) with many approaches to teams and leaders.  


Belbin thus set about creating a pragmatic, effective and valid model and set of tools to get to the roots of what actually makes a team and leader tick.


From the late 1970's through into the 1980's Belbin developed and refined his theories into a practical and usable format.  This culminated with the Belbin Interplace System for profiling individuals and teams to reveal the Team Role preferences that make each person, leader and team tick. 


Since then the reserach and development process has not ceased with many refinements, insights and improvements leading to eInterplace 7 which is the version Sabre uses today.


The model is used world-wide in many languages with corporate, business, government, defence and sporting professionals at all levels.  


We are also proud to have as a mentor and team member our very own Dr David Marriott who was one of the intiial team members and professionals working with Belbin on the model from its inception. 


To read more on the background of the model and its validity please feel free to visit the main Belbin website via the link to the right on this page or download some of the documents also featured on this page.