AFTER PURCHASE YOU SHOULD RECEIVE A PDF INSTRUCTION.  CONTACT US IF THE PDF DOES NOT DOWNLOAD FOR YOU. Once your order is processed you will also be emailed a link from the Belbin system to actually do your own profile online.  If you have purchased multiple profiles for others, you will also get instructions to access your Belbin Working Account page to enter team member emails for the people you want to invite to complete a Belbin profile on that PDF (including your own if you have accounetd for yourself).  


If you have purchased more than one profile, you will be able to enter the email addresses for each person you'd like to complete a Belbin on that Account page.


This is the Belbin Individual Profile which features SPI (Self Perception Inventory) and optional Observers (these are free / part of the purchase price) which are highly recommended.  A minimum of 4 Observers are needed to generate some of the pages that comapre self and observer views.  People are prompted by the system to invite their Observers by email.

Belbin Individual Profile - Done Online / Link Emailed To You