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Sabre is a Belbin Australia Regional Rep

Belbin Australia

Team Reports



A Belbin Team Report provides wonderful insight into the dynamics,

strengths and weaknesses of an entire team (up to 15 people*).


The reports and graphs clearly show areas for the team to sustain,

improve and work on.  Reports are based on the combined profiles of

all team members.


These Reports are also an excellent cultural snapshot of a team.


* For over 15 people the system produces what is known as a 

Group Report



NOTE: A Team Report requires all people to be featured to have already

completed a Belbin individual profile within our system to provide the data

for the Team Report.




Standard Retail Aud $150 per Team Report


Email or Call for Registered User, Accredited User and Bulk Rates


Free if you own your own Belbin Interplace System



Accreditation is NOT mandatory to use Belbin, but is recommended and useful

for those planning to use the Model at depth.  We can also run simple "How To" 

sessions to get you and your people up to speed on the Model, Profiles and Reports.








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