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Belbin Australia Rep for all Belbin profiles, reports, sales and support
Sabre is a Belbin Australia Regional Rep

Belbin Australia Profiles



Individual profiles are completed quickly and easily online via a working account

under our system or from your very own full Belbin eInterplace 7 system.


Options include:


- Full Self Perception and 4 or more Observers (for 360 feedback)


- Self Perception Only


- Observer names can be supressed / anonymous or named





Standard Retail for up to 50 profiles Aud $83 per profile


Contact Us for Registered User, Accredited User and Bulk Rates


Can be as little as Aud $23 per profile if you buy your own Belbin Interplace System


Accreditation is NOT mandatory to use Belbin, but is recommended and useful

for those planning to use the Model at depth.  We can also run simple "How To" 

sessions to get you and your people up to speed on the Model, Profiles and Reports.








Belbin Brisbane - Belbin Melbourne - Belbin Perth - Belbin Adelaide 


Belbin Darwin - Belbin Sydney - Belbin Tasmania




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