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IMPORTANT NOTE: New Belbin Interplace 8 account or an existing Interplace 7 account?


Brand new clients will be set up with the new Interplace 8 accounts unless we are advised otherwise.  If you are an existing 7 account holder, please feel free to tell us whether you want new units loaded into a new 8 account or your existing 7 account. Call or email any time with questions: T - 1300 731 381 E - or Register for a free Interplace 8 account page that can be used as required to load in new units / credit.  




(active credits / units need to be loaded in as you need them by purchasing below or by invoice).

Use our expertise, or have us train your own people to develop a powerful ongoing capability.







Belbin Australia books for sale by Dr meredith Belbin, the Father of modern Team Role theory.

Profiling and Reports (Bureau Service)


We can rapidly process Belbin Profiles (Self Perception and Observers) along with Team Reports, Working Relationship Reports and Job Reports and email them to you as PDF documents. Special prices for bulk orders, accredited users and consultants. 


Official Accreditation (2 Day Course)


This is a comprehensive 2 Day Course with internationally recognised certification in the Belbin Team Model (upon successful completion).  Useful for Consultants, HR and L&D professionals, team building providers etc seeking accredited level depth of knowledge.



Training and Support


We offer a great deal of experience in using the Belbin Team Role Model to any client whether it's post accreditation, or just helping a one-off user to implement the benefits of the model with their leaders and teams post event or conference.


Conference / Off-Site Event Content


The Belbin Team Role Model can add a wonderful and very insightful element to conferences, retreats and off-sites as plenary content, and also very valuable take-away value for participants. 


Online Accounts 


For clients who may not wish to purchase their own full eInterplcae 7 system, but who still wish to processs their own profiles for clients or team members, we can easily set up smaller online accounts for you in our system.


Belbin Books, DVD's and Games


Belbin have released many wonderful books, guides, DVD's and experiential learning packages to help re-enforce the model.  These are available for purchase in small or large quantities as required.


Tailored experiential re-enforcement, business

games and simulations


Sabre has designed many high-level business games and simulations to powerfully re-enforce the Belbin Model.  These are highly engaging and novel approaches that can be deployed on-site or off-site to help a team grasp the model and its uses.




Belbin Team Role Check-Ups


The Belbin Model takes into account that behaviour and the ranked order of a person's Team Role preferences can change over time.  To maximise potential for ongoing learning and benefit from the Team Roles an annual "check-up" can be arranged to accurately map Team Role preferences as people mature and develop, move into new teams, change roles or get promoted.






Belbin Accreditation Australia - Why get accredited?  What are the Benefits?


Sabre Corporate Development is a Regional Representative for Belbin and offers official Accreditation / Certification in the Belbin Team Role Model (the original Team Role Model, recognised world-wide and also available in many languages).


The Belbin Accreditation course is aimed at professionals who use or are planning to use Belbin Team Role Theory and / or reports and profiles as part of their training and consultancy toolkit or within their own organisations.


Why should I become Belbin Accredited?


Discover the real Belbin – You will find that there is more to Belbin than just the 9 Team Roles. Strengths, allowable / non- allowable weaknesses of each of the roles are explored in depth, along with Team Role combinations and the implications for management and leadership, interpretation of profiles, team combination reports, observer feedback, team overviews, job analysis and much more.


Speak the language –The language of Team Roles will become second nature to you over the duration of the course, providing a useful basis to analyse and discuss team and individual issues and dynamics.


Plan your own workshops –We will give you practical steps, ideas and access to materials to use the Team Role theory, reports and profiles within a variety of workshops and situations, and how to best interpret reports for teams and also 1:1 feedback with individuals.


Share your knowledge – Your newly acquired depth of knowledge and understanding will hold you in good stead when working with individuals and teams in any team and leadership development scenario, coaching, training or as an aid to selection and recruitment.




Back up and support from Sabre and Belbin.


Signed certificate from Meredith Belbin on passing Accreditation test


Use of the Belbin Accreditation logo, handouts, Accredited Users section of Belbin website and approved presentation slides (subject to terms and conditions).


Discounted rates on all official Belbin profiles and products from Sabre


Course Content


The origin of Team Role theory and in-depth exploration of the 9 Team Roles.


The relationships and dynamics that exist between the Roles.


How to generate and understand key Belbin profiles and reports.


How to interpret and analyse profiles and reports to assist in real scenarios.


Practical uses to which Belbin Team Role theory and profiles can be applied e.g. team building, personal and organisational development, coaching, recruitment, training needs and job analysis and placement.


Practical exercises on giving feedback to individuals and teams.


Discussion of case studies for various uses of the model for individual and team effectiveness and leadership development.


We will be able to tailor aspects of the course to your particular needs and can draw upon presentations, discussions, DVDs practical exercises, case studies and facilitation based upon over 25 years of practical experience with the model in not just its theoretical context, but also with real teams and leaders across many industries and nationalities.


There is an Accreditation test / examination at the conclusion of the course. Official status as a Belbin Accredited user and certification is granted upon a passing mark being achieved and approved by Sabre and Belbin.



Belbin in Brisbane


Belbin in Melbourne


Belbin in Sydney







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