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Online Accreditations Take Off

The various pandemic lockdowns and work from home protocols have seen a rise in the number of people taking advantage of our online accreditations. This has been the case in Australia, and also world-wide.

We have had the pleasure of accrediting a wide range of people via the online medium, and with great success. Recent clients have included Trainers, Directors, HR Managers, Consultants, Team Building Operators and Government Managers.

Even when restrictions have lifted, some have opted for online over a face-to-face course for the greater flexibility it offers to slot into their schedules.

These sessions are delivered at a flexible pace tailored to suit the person with the following major steps:

- We post hard copy course manuals and books.

- Access to tailored online pre-course learning.

- Scheduled Zoom calls to work through course content.

- Post-course VIP follow-up support.

Some were planning to become Belbin Accredited anyway as they were already using Belbin and are a system owner, whilst others have taken the opportunity to match some extra time to adding another skill and certification to their arsenal.

To find out more feel free to visit this section of the website or just give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email .


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