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Navigating transition from Defence with Belbin

Transition from Defence with Belbin to help articulate strengths

Navigating a transition from Defence can be aided by use of the Belbin Model and its reports.

Thousands of military people transition from military service to civilian roles every year. They may, however, struggle to succinctly identify, articulate and sell their unique soft and hard skills to the civilian world.

The unique nature of military service equips people with a raft of valuable soft and hard skills that can be valuable and transferred into civilian workplaces. Still, the challenge is often around articulating strengths and weaknesses in a 'civilian-friendly' manner and from an evidence-based perspective.

Teamwork and leadership are the very 'bread and butter' of military life

Teamwork and leadership are the very 'bread and butter' of military life, but the culture and nature of military organisations can be worlds apart from those of business and government.

As those of us who have lived in both worlds know, it can be tricky to communicate the soft and hard skills we found so valuable in a military environment, and then in civilian roles, in a way that can be quickly understood.

This is where Belbin can help.

A Belbin individual profile and the language it uses will capture a person's behavioural preferences. Over time, the reports can be used longitudinally to track which behaviours can be adapted or naturally enhanced to suit changing employment circumstances.

The Belbin reports can help translate and contextualise known strengths and weaknesses into 'civvy speak'.

Supported by over 40 years of insight and research, the Belbin Model and its profiles and reports measure, articulate and offer practical advice for better understanding, adapting and using behaviour at work.

Identifying strengths helps us sell our capability and succeed at work; recognising our weaknesses enables us to develop personal strategies to manage them and better manage ourselves at work.

When we are aware of the impact of our strengths and weaknesses on ourselves, others, and team performance in the civilian space, we are better placed to navigate this new world.

When people transition from Defence with Belbin as another tool in their toolbox it can really help to sell personal capability.

Belbin Australia and Sabre Team Building is a proud Veteran Owned business and a supporter of the APOD Network for Current and Former ADF Members.

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