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Become Accredited in Belbin

Belbin Team Role Accreditation

Give teams the skills they need to collaborate, communicate and work towards shared business objectives. Help them to establish meaning, trust and psychological safety.

Belbin Accreditation is recommended for anyone who uses – or wants to use – Belbin Team Roles, the gold-standard team tool and theory, to help teams fulfill their potential.

Whether you're an HR, L&D or training professional, or an independent facilitator, coach or management consultant, becoming Belbin accredited will give you a solid grounding in Belbin theory, and confidence in delivering report feedback and team workshops.

Add Belbin to your tool kit. Become Belbin accredited.

What you need to know

The Belbin accreditation course costs $2000 including GST for online (with tailored Zoom sessions to work through content) or $2300 for in-person including GST (plus travel expenses if facilittaors need to travel to your location).

The course involves pre-course reading, some homework and a final test. The test must be passed in order for accreditation to be awarded.

We offer a number of options: in-person and online, 1:1 or in-house. If you're not sure which option will best suit your needs please get in touch.

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