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Belbin Australia

The Belbin Team Role Model is alive and well in Australia with clients accessing the insightful Belbin profiles, official Belbin accreditation and other Belbin products and services in greater numbers each year.

The model originated with ground breaking insight and research by Dr Meredith Belbin and his team at Cambridge in 1978. Since then the model has been constanly refined and updated right up to the present with the latest online system eInterplace 7 for generating insightful profiles and reports.

Whilst originating in the UK, a great deal of work was done on refining the model in Australia, and so a great deal of our "cultural imprint" was also taken into account during its development. The model has also been effectively and reliably deployed world-wide in many languages and within many cultures, so it is truly a globally valid model for team and leadership development.

Belbin Australia is well represented by Sabre Corporate Development who have been mentored and trained by Dr David Marriott, Australian Distributor and a Director or Belbin Australia, since 1989. We can sell Belbin profiles, deliver official 2 day Belbin Accreditation courses and also offer events, keynotes and consultancy for team and leadership development using the Belbin Model in Australia.

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