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Use Belbin in-house to get outstanding value for money in tough times

Belbin’s renowned individual profiles cost only $23 - $83 Aud per person (depending upon the quantity ordered) which makes them excellent value for money.

The ease of use and low cost of Belbin’s tools are truly disproportionate to its high quality and well-deserved reputation. This represents the philosophy of ‘accessibility’ insisted upon by its creator Meredith Belbin.

In a post-pandemic environment where organisations will be expected to achieve more with less, quality, ease of access and value for money are of paramount importance. Belbin prides itself on being able to achieve all three.

Value for Money

Even the full retail rate for a Belbin profile off the website shop is only $83 per person for up to 50 units. And this includes the option for valuable 360-degree Observer feedback. Accredited users and system owners can buy units for as little as $23 - $63 depending upon the quantity required. Cost varies based upon whether they own their own Belbin system, or use an ad-hoc Working Account.

With the depth, quality and credibility of Belbin in mind, this represents great value for money.

Easy to use / ease of access

Belbin is proud of the fact that the profiles and reports are very accessible and easy to interpret. This offers people rapid insight and pragmatic advice without the de-brief process needing to become a complicated and expensive affair. Skilled and accredited consultants (internal or external) can of course add wonderful value, but one of Belbin’s many strengths is its approachability to virtually any user.

Belbin puts the Psychologist into the reports themselves, based on over three decades of in-depth research and ongoing refinement.


Belbin stands solidly on over three decades of established credibility and successful use across the world with corporate, government, defence, NGO and education clients. This use spans over 30 countries and all levels from factory floor to C-Suite.

The depth of insight that is obtained from Belbin profiles and reports is of a consistently high quality and the sophisticated software that produces the profile data is now in its seventh evolution. Belbin’s research, norming and refinement of the tools has never ceased, and to this day the team in Cambridge work on the development of the tools.

The tools can be used for self-awareness, team development, working relationships, career planning, coaching, management and leadership development and much more.

Belbin also helps organisations to ‘do it themselves’ by training and accrediting an internal champion or two to make quality use of the model in-house for maximum impact for minimal outlay.

To find out more give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email


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