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Online Belbin Workshops

Whilst online approaches can’t top face-to-face interaction, it can still be done well to achieve genuine outcomes.

The Belbin Model is an established behavioural awareness tool and set of approaches for building teams, self-awareness and leadership development.

Individual and team profiles offer meaningful insights and advice for how to best leverage strength, and manage weaknesses. With teams needing to manage increasing complexity and risk, this evidence-based approach genuinely helps teams improve performance in challenging times.

Thankfully most of it can also be easily adapted for purely online / remote delivery to clients. This makes it an ideal way to achieve genuine and lasting outcomes for teams needing to work remotely from one-another, or indeed as hybrid teams.

Pre-session work can be done by accessing tailored sections of our online learning site followed up by Zoom style interactive workshops with teams that also offer great scope for targeted workplace follow-ups.

The major steps are:

Complete individual and team profiles online

We compile and interpret the reports

Deliver online team workshops

Manage post-workshop follow-through at work

This approach offers clients a proven and reliable methodology for developing teams and people, even when forced to work remotely from one-another.

Call us on 1300 731 381 or email to learn more.


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