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Is it time for a Team Role Checkup?

A Quick Behavioural Check-Up

A Belbin profile is useful for the team that you are currently in, but behaviours can adapt and change over time if we move teams, or even change functional roles.

It is worthwhile getting an updated profile with some reliable Observers to check our progress. A ‘check-up’ can help identify how we may be projecting our strengths and managing weaknesses since our last profile. It can be of great use in helping us to better understand our own behaviours and the impact they have on our working relationships.

5 questions to ask when comparing your new profile to the last one:

1 - Do you notice any significant differences from your last profile?

2 - If so, how might you explain those, for example are there any changes in your workplace environment, reporting relationships or other factors that have brought about any changes?

3 - Have your Observed strengths and weaknesses increased or decreased?

4 - Do your Observers see you managing your weaknesses better? If not, how might you go about better managing any that are of concern? (remember a weakness is allowable if the strengths are seen to be outweighing it by the team).

5 - What steps might you take now to best project your strengths and manage your weaknesses going forward?

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