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FRIENDS - We'll be there for you...

In honour of the Friends Reunion show, here's our Belbin take on the Friends team...

Phoebe Buffay - The Plant

Has wild ideas ranging from impossible to improbable and brings an entirely different perspective to the group. Perhaps she could have run the idea of ‘Smelly Cat’ past a Monitor Evaluator, though...

Joey Tribbiani - The Teamworker

Perhaps the most loyal of the group. People-orientated and concerned about others’ wellbeing. Never fails to check, “How you doin’?”

Monica Geller - The Shaper, Implementer and Completer Finisher

Displays a wide range of behaviours: competitive and results-orientated (Shaper) but also highly detailed in approach (Completer Finisher). She gets things done quickly and efficiently and is very reliable (Implementer).

Ross Geller - The Specialist

Hugely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject, but if you don’t want to talk dinosaurs, maybe try another of the group...

Rachel Green - The Resource Investigator

She exudes confidence and is happy to speak to anyone. Outgoing and enthusiastic; a Resource Investigator?

Chandler Bing - The Monitor Evaluator

Analytical and sceptical and sees things logically rather than emotionally. That is what makes him so great at his job in... oh wait, what does he actually do again?!

Does the “Friends” group have a Co-ordinator? Maybe one of the peripheral characters? Let us know what you think!


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