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Belbin Australia’s COVID-19 Response

Whilst it is inevitable that face to face programmes will be disrupted as the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we will remain open to provide advice and support as required by clients. We can also help deliver some great approaches remotely for teams working in isolation / remotely.

All of our usual contact and admin capabilities (e.g. phone, email, support, proposal and costing creation) will remain open and operating as usual, even when we revert to remote working ourselves.

We also have some highly effective ‘Remote Team Building’ capabilities that are already being used by some remote working clients as well as our usual online Belbin capabilities. Both of these capabilities enable us to keep delivering some great solutions to our clients online regardless of shut-downs and isolated working.

Contact us at any time for support and we look forward to working with you ongoing. We remain on tap to help our clients in business, government, education, consulting and defence.

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