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Team Building for Charity in Sydney

Clients can leave a truly lasting legacy from a meeting or conference by adding a team building session for charity as Sanity have recently done in Sydney.

After a comprehensive Belbin session, teams were formed using the profile data for Sabre's "Team Toy Story" challenge.

This saw teams undertaking a wide variety of exciting team tasks around the venue to earn budgets for the purchase of toys and flat pack furniture from a special store set up in their meeting room (and also at some energetic auctions where the Resource Investigators came into their own).

Once teams had built their storage units and stocked them with toys, representatives from children's charity Barnardos arrived to accept the donation of all items for their new emergency accommodation facilities at Cranebrook.

With recent government cuts Barnardos need all the help they can get to do their valuable work, and thanks to the Sanity team for providing some real hands-on help. Visit Barnardos website here to learn more about the valuable work they do for children and help when you can.

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