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Belbin and the UN in PNG

We have just delivered a three day Belbin based team and leadership retreat for the UNFPA team of the United Nations in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.

Belbin provided a solid foundation of individual and team profiles and reports upon which individuals and teams could explore how to meaningfully build upon their strengths and manage and offset their weaknesses.

The United Nations are regular uses of the Belbin Model.

It has been deployed around the world in regional offices along with UN headquarters in New York and their Global Staff College in Turin Italy.

One of the many advantages of the Belbin Model to any multi-national team is that it quickly affords people with a common team language to address behaviour that can transcend functional, national and cultural boundaries. This enables teams and leaders to navigate the team development process with greater speed and ease.

The vital work of this UNFPA team within their region includes advocacy, training and provision for safe births, women's rights and the development of opportunities for young people.

It is an honour to play a small role in the life and development of this great team of hard working and dedicated professionals aiming to create a better world.

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