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Belbin Australia Books

Books by Meredith Belbin, the Father of Modern Team Role Theory.

For students of teams, leadership and organisational culture the books by Meredith Belbin are essential reading for those seeking to get the esscence of behaviour in organisations.

Here we give a brief snapshot of the three most popular of Meredith's books.

Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail is a comprehensive study and account of Belbin's unique Team Role theory developed at Henley Management College.

This is the original book by Meredith Belbin that provides an authoratative explanation on how the Team Roles came into being.

This widely read book has become a springboard for the Belbin language becoming a part of the everyday language used by organisations around the world. Belbin's crucial work and research in in teamwork, management and leadership supersedes the usual supeficial focus upon experience and qualifications alone. He invites us to also pay important attention to the Team Role behaviours that actually shape everday interactions within teams.

The book is now in its third edition and has been extensively updated and rewritten in parts to reflect the latest research and development with the model. It enables the reader to benefit from Belbin's own experiences in putting Team Role theory into practice, provides succinct information about how to make a real difference at work with real life case studies.

Team Roles at Work follows on from the ground breaking "Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail" and gives very useful insights into how best to apply Belbin theory every day at work.

Within the book Belbin explores how to shape organisations, cultivate leadership capability, manage relationships (even the difficult ones) and how to create optimal interpersonal chemistry.

Team Roles at Work is a best selling book that is designed for anyone who wants to understand the the many practical applications of Team Role Theory.

The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work is a simple and easy to use daily guide in how to make best use of the Belbin model and your own profile at work.

It offers pratical common sense advice and steps as opposed to pure theory. It helps people to not only play to their strengths, but also to manage their weaknesses, deal with difficult relationships and better undertstand team dynamics and organisational culture.

The book helps the reader to quickly gain insight into the things to do, and not to do from a Team Role perspective as well as valuable tools for individual, team and organisational development.

As an official Belbin Australia Regional Representative Sabre is delighted to offer these books, and many other Belbin services and approaches, to our clients.

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