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Acquire your own Belbin Interplace System

Belbin Australia Accreditation.jpg

Acquiring your very own Belbin Interplace System is a great advantage for any client seeking to process larger numbers of profiles and reports within their organisation.

Interplace is the programme that has been created to process all client profile inputs and then generate individual Belbin profiles and reports, as well as team reports, working relationships and job reports.

The latest version is completely online and thus allows complete ease of access for clients from any desktop, laptop or device to have "Big Brother" access to all uses of Belbin within their organisation.

Whilst we are always delighted to set up working accounts for clients within our own Interplace systems as a Belbin Australia Regional Representative, buying your own Interplace system allows you to process and generate the full range of individual profiles, reports and also access a wide range of other resources and handouts.

It is strongly recommended that a key person is accredited in Belbin before purchasing Interplace so that optimal use can be made from the very beginning of all aspects of both the Belbin model and the Interplace system.

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