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Belbin Accreditation as part of the "Sustainable Teaming" process.

One of Sabre's high-end approaches to team and leadership development is known as "Sustainable Teaming" (R).

Its aim is to transcend one-off team builds or workshops with more strategically applied uses of the Belbin Model and other great tools to equip teams and leaders with skills for their own ongoing development. These are never "off the shelf" but rather highly tailored approaches.

All too often perfectly useful and effective models and initiatives are permitted to fade away after the conference or course has ended (usually being replaced within months by the latest buzzword or profiling tool).

This represents a waste of time, energy and money that could have been far better applied to approaches that offer genuine impact and longevity that outlasts the initial enthusiasm of a few well-intentioned champions.

Re-inventing the wheel not only wastes resources, but can also reduce confidence in such approaches with seasoned executives.

We find it highly effective to work with the internal "champions" of such initiatives and formally deliver Belbin Accreditation so that they can not only champion an ongoing process of team and leadership development themselves, but can do so with far greater credibility and gravity.

Team building at conferences and off sites is all very well, and so is the deployment of profiling tools and workshops internally, but these initiatives can be far more powerful when integrated and timed to achieve more powerful outcomes. The commitment to "stick with an approach" can yield great results when its well thought out, yet flexible enough also to adapt to the inevitable changes that will impact large organisations as any such plan unfolds.

It is far more useful to time interventions across 3, 6 and 12 month periods to chart the course of not only the team's development but also their uptake of key inputs and tools such as their Belbin profiles (both individual and that of the collective team).

A blend of external and internal interventions to aid teams and leaders offers a nice balance of approaches, styles and also some objectivity on how teams and leaders are actually progressing.

When external partners and internally accredited champions bring their skills and insights to the table on such approaches it can truly help accelerate the team development process, aid in culture change and other longer-term objectives of senior management, HR and L&D professionals.

Our Sustainable Teaming approaches are a potent blend of Belbin profiles and reports with tailored sessions, keynotes, workshops and high-end experiential re-enforcement.

Add to this official Belbin Accreditation for carefully chosen internal champions of the process and you have a formula for lasting and ongoing value and follow-through.

"Sustainable Teaming" is a Registered Trademark of Sabre Corporate Development.

To learn more about becoming Belbin Accredited click through here to see our Belbin Australia Accreditation document.

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