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Online Team Profiling Perth

 Online Team Profiling Perth

Belbin offers effective online individual and team profiling for individuals, teams and organisations in Perth and Australia-Wide.  It can also be used for online and in-person team building and development workshops.  Do it yourself or engage us to manage the process for you.

Belbin Australia is delighted to support many individual, corporate, government, consulting, education and NGO clients in Perth and WA.

Online Team Profiling Perth

Online profiling Perth for teams and organisations

Belbin is a fully online profiling tool that enables people in Perth and Australia-Wide to complete their individual profiles easily online.  Team combination reports, online working relationship profiles and online job reports can also be conducted online.


This capability enables great ease of completion by virtual / remote working teams and can even be followed up with virtual / remote workshops as required.


Online team profiles are a useful tool in the current working environment whether teams are back in the office, or still working as virtual or hybrid teams.


The sophisticated online Belbin profiling system known as ‘eInterplace’ lets people complete their Self-Perception Inventory and invite Observers to offer feedback on workplace behaviours online.


The online process generates individual reports that can be set to send automatically to the person or a designated facilitator as required.


Online behavioural profiling like this is a useful tool that also provides genuine insight and lasting value for individuals and teams alike.


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