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Team Building can be more than just silly games? - New ideas for 2014



In 2014 we are launching some new approaches and upgrading some of our existing favourites. Sabre has designed a large number of business games and simulations over the years, many of which are great for providing experiential re-enforcement to the Belbin Team Role Model.


A great example of a new approach for this year is "Versagility" which has been designed to draw out the power of diversity and the many different contributions that are required to make a team succesful in a complex, competitive and changing commercial environment.  


It's important when working with a world-class model like Belbin to transcend the stereotypical "teamy" approaches and use methodologies that are sophisticated enough to highlight behaviours, processes and decision-making approaches used by teams in the real world. 


Whilst exciting and novel themes can be used to frame executive management exercises and simulations (we are never ashamed to make things fun) it is critical that they are designed to impart genuine inisght and learning also. Genuine team building is more than just a series of games, team building that actually helps a team grow through the stages of team development requires far more thought and expertise to create.


Whenever we combine the power of the Belbin Team Role Model and the profiles with the right experiential challenge, its a winning combination. 


Sabre MD Talan Miller accepted as a Fellow of the Institute for Learning Practitioners

Sabre recently attended the national confernce of the ILP (Institute for Learning Practioners.  


The ILP membership is made up of Learning and Development profesisonals from corporate and governemnt as well as the cream of Australia's consultants, trainers and L&D entrepreneurs.


Sabre was honoured to have our MD and Founder Talan Miller accepted as a "Fellow" of this prestigious industry group.

"Battlespace" rates as our top business game of 2013 in Team / Leadership DNA

Client surveys indicate that for 2013 'Battlespace" was rated as the most effective game or simulation for use during a Team or Leadership DNA programme.  


It is a great approach for drawing out team and leadership behaviours for detailed de-brief and reviews that are then linked to real world solutions for clients.  As opposed to many simplistic "team building games", Battlespace is a sophisticated and complex simulation that requires teams to project their genuine strengths and weaknesses into the challenge.  These can be observed and meaningfully de-briefed as a powerful aid to learning and improvement.


Battlepsace has a military theme, but it's not about teaching business people to become warriors, rather it provides an excellent real time framework that mirrors the important issues and processes around teamwork, leadership, decison-making and cognitive bias at work.  The theme is merely a vehicle, a "Trojan Horse" if you like, for the behaviours to be revealed and for the learning to occur. 

Sabre's US partner "Team Bonding" go from strength to strength

Sabre's US partner "Team Bonding" who are headquartered in Boston (but work US wide) are regarded as a market leader in the enormous US market as a "top shelf" team building provider. 


Founder and CEO David Goldstein and Sabre Founder and MD Talan Miller have been cooking up all manner of plans for joint projects and innovations in the team building and development fields, so "watch this space" for plenty of action in 2014 on the US / Aus alliance.  


Check out the Team Bonding website at

German friends and partners are in a class of their own.

The city of Munich and the entire region of Bavaria are amongst the most beautiful and characteristic locations in the world, and they are also home to Sabre's German partners Spiel and Sport Team and Eo Ipso Training and Development.


These guys have been operating in Europe since 1988 and have designed and delivered some of the most prestigious team building, development, gameification and interactive marketing experiences ever seen in the EU.  


Wolfgang Berchtold is the founder and MD of Spiel and Sport Team and is an avid Alpine Skier and the brains behind some of their biggest business games and experiential solutions including the massive interactive learning centre at the famous BMW Museum in Munich. 


Karin Orle is Founder and Chief Consultant at Eo Ipso training and development (and also a big fan of the Belbin Team Role Model) and is a highly experinced trainer and consultant capapble of delivering in many languages including German, English, French and Italian.  Eo Ipso designs innovative training and development solutions for clients across Europe.


Eo Ipso - 


Spiel and Sport Team - 



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