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Are you looking for a free Belbin Team Roles test?


Thanks for visiting this official Belbin page.  


Whilst there is actually no such thing as a legal 'free Belbin test', we'll be delighted to help you access the real thing by equipping your University or organisation with the Belbin Online system.  

We're here to help.


Beware of the illegal and poor quality fakes.


This page is designed to help potential Belbin users understand the legal implications of accessing illegal free versions, and how to get the real thing. Unless your Belbin test is obtained from a licensed Belbin system, it is not sanctioned, legal or a real Belbin test. 

What is the Belbin test?

The Belbin test is made up of two parts - the Self-Perception Inventory and the Observer Assessments. After you complete your Self-Perception Inventory online (it takes 15 to 20 minutes) you'll receive a Belbin Individual Report based on this data. Once you have your Self-Perception Report, you then request feedback from those that know you well at work - colleagues, managers and reports - to add their Observer Assessments, for free.


I thought I could just download a Belbin scoring sheet or Belbin excel spreadsheet?


If you're looking for a Belbin scoring sheet that is marked by hand, or for an Excel version of the Belbin test, you're looking for something which is illegal to use. Those outdated versions are still subject to our copyright and Intellectual Property and therefore, are illegal to use. 

Moreover, they may not include all the Belbin Team Roles, don't have the all important Observer input and you miss out on the Belbin Team Role feedback which has been developed through decades of helping people like yourself. 

We own the copyright and do not allow our questionnaire to be reproduced in any form.


If you're looking to use anything which is downloaded, photocopied or accessed through a website other than here at, you're not going to receive the real, full Belbin experience and won't get to know yourself the way that millions of others across the world have. Moreover, if we find that you're using a version of Belbin in any language, as stated above, we will take legal action - to date we have taken action against more than 400 copyright infringements. 

What does my Report look like?

Once your requested Observers have provided their feedback this is combined with your self-view and an updated, 13 page, Belbin Team Role Feedback Report will be emailed to you. The complete Belbin Individual Report presents your Team Role Profile, along with a wealth of personalised advice based on decades of research and observations of how people behave in the workplace. We'll provide advice on the best ways to make your contributions to the team, on your most suited working styles and even make suggestions on work environments which may particularly suit you. 

In completing your Belbin test, you'll have a greater understanding of your strengths, which leads to more effective communication between you and your team, and your manager. 

Great, how do I complete my Belbin Team Roles test?

You can complete your Self-Perception Inventory here, on this Belbin website via the Belbin Shop, whenever you like.  

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