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Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself With Belbin 


You can easily engage us to design and deliver workshops and sessions for you, or with a little bit of preperation and reading you can easily manage your own profiles online and deliver your own Belbin sessions.


Whilst accreditation is highly recommended, it's not mandatory to make use of Belbin.  Belbin prides itself on its accessibility and also pragmatic useability.



STEP 1: We set up your own online Belbin account


You simply advise us how many profiles you need, if you would like to add 360 degree Observers for your people (and how many) and we create a free online working account for you.  Easy to use and enables you to manage and supervise the process of people completing their profiles online.  You can also order team reports and working relationship reports as required.





STEP 2: Access our Free Resources


We have a comprehensive range of handouts, guides and other free resources that can be used to help you design and run your own Belbin sessions.





STEP 3: Run your workshop


With your profiles and reports ready to go, as well as any handouts and guides you may wish to use from our free resources section, deliver your workshop.  You can also call us for help and advice.





The Belbin DVD Training Package "Fire Toast and Teamwork"


A beautifully produced and performed video introduction to the model complete with comprehensive facilIitator / session leader's workbook, slides, exercises, handouts, DVD extras etc. Take the pressure off yourself a little, and let this quality DVD and its accompanying exercises help to explain and introduce the model for you.


The Belbin experiential game package "Cooperate"


Loaded backpack with purpose built and high quality Belbin experiential games and challenges to bring the model to life. Package comes complete with all props, manuals and facilitator guides to help create a fun and interactive Belbin session.


To see more about the DVD and the Game -  GO TO ONLINE STORE



Or we can do it all for you by managing and facilitating the whole process


We want to help you implement Belbin successfully within your organisation. Belbin is more than a theory. It is a practical tool that can be used by HR, L&D and managers on a regular basis to ensure that;


The right people are in the right jobs


Talent is identified and used


Individual development is tailored to the individual


Strengths are played to and engagement increased


Teams are effective


Gaps and overlaps are identified and plans put place



To discuss this package and how you can implement Belbin successfully throughout your organisation , please contact us using the form below, or phone 1300 731 381 or email Belbin@SabreHQ.com