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Belbin for Entrepreneurs and Start Ups



Belbin and Entrepreneurship:

The profiles of successful start‐ups is a fascinating insight into what behaviours work best across time for ensuring longevity and success.


Research shows that innovative start‐ups drive economic growth and are responsible for much job creation within the last five years, but little is understood about employees of start‐ups and how they contribute to the outcome of the venture.


Whilst some studies analyse the particular mix of business and technical skills, this paper aims to explore how different combinations of Team Role behaviours might spell success for new businesses.


Belbin has had the opportunity to partner with a number of SMEs as part of the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator scheme, and this research applies equally to Australia we have found.





Facilitate sessions with teams at all levels, from boards of directors to new recruits.


A Belbin enhanced workshop will increase peoples' understanding of themselves and their colleagues, helping to resolve conflict in the work environment and focusing the team on achieving its objectives more effectively.


The purpose of a Team-building Workshop is to increase communication and effectiveness within the team or group so that it achieves its objectives. The team will have a common language and a framework to discuss their collective strengths and how best to use them.



How might a Belbin Workshop Help?


Workshops using Belbin can be designed to help teams increase their effectiveness and plan for the future.


Who would benefit from attending a Belbin Workshop?


         An existing team which needs to re-focus for a new challenge or strategy


         A Management and Leadership Development programme


         A new team which is not yet a cohesive unit


         A team in the aftermath of major change/re-organisation


         A problematic team, where conflicts are getting in the way of effectiveness


         An international project team whose members only meet occasionally


         A high performing team which wants to achieve even greater success



Workshops can be followed up with individual and team debrief or coaching sessions.


For further details and costs, please contact the Belbin Australia office on:


1300 731 381 or

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