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Team Building Brisbane

Brisbane Team Building Guide

Some recent Brisbane team building best-sellers

Team Building in Brisbane by Sabre
Charity team building Brisbane
Fashion team building in Brisbane
Amazing Race Brisbane team building
Team building in Brisbane by Sabre
Kon-Tiki-Challenge team building Brisbane
Team Building Brisbane by Sabre and Belbin

Belbin's Sole Australian Distributor Sabre also specialises in the design and delivery of highly effective team building events and game solutions in and around Brisbane (since 1988).


Sabre have been considered the reliable experts in this field since 1988 and remain innovators and market leaders.  These team building options range from pure fun and networking at an off-site to substantial team and leadership development with lasting impact.  

They have delivered highly effective team building and off-sites for small teams and large-scale conference based events for up to 2000.  Services can be stand-alone activities or include the sophisticated integration of the Belbin model, profiles and reports for lasting impact and results.

Sabre has worked world-wide with corporate, government, defence, education, sporting and NGO clients.

Featured below are some recent popular event formats and feel free to click through to the Sabre website to see many more options for indoor and outdoor team building in Brisbane and The Gold Coast.

Sabre are truly the team building professionals for Brisbane.

Check out their website at

Team Building Guide Brisbane by Sabre.
Team Building activity guide for Brisbane by Sabre.
Team Building event guide for Brisbane by Sabre.

Team Building in Brisbane by Sabre Team Building



Team building experiences in Brisbane can take the form of stand alone activities or become even more powerful when matched with individual and team Belbin profiles and reports.  This combination can go deeper than stand-alone team building to reveal what really makes the team tick.  


We have a wide range of creative and enjoyable team building solutions that work both indoors and outdoors at Brisbane conference and event venues and locations. 


Check out some great team building Brisbane options here at Sabre's website

Sample Brisbane Team Building Events

Brisbane Amazing Race – Team exploration


Battlespace – Military themed business game 


Fashion Fiasco – Fashion Catwalk Show


Picture Perfect – Painting Challenge


Movie Magic – Team film making


The Quest – Team exploration


Kon Tiki – Team boat building


Team Toy Story – Charity / CSR for kids


When in Rome – Roman themed business game


Versagility – Crazy team games


Survivor – Parody of the reality TV show


Team DNA – Sophisticated team development


Rollerball – Team project-based challenge


Team Building activities in Brisbane by Sabre.

Featured Video

Picture Perfect Team Challenge

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