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Working Account Holder Resources

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This page and the general Free Resources Page are designed to help you get started and make use of the many resources now available to you.

A Belbin Working Account is a sub-account held by a person or organisation under our own master system. These resources will help a working account holder access and use their account.


A/ CLOSED (standard setting) - You enter each person's email into fields, they are then sent invitations from the system.  This enables tracking and reminders to be done for people from the start.

B/ OPEN - Where you can cut paste and email the same log in details to each person.  They will only show up in your check progress page when they have done their profile.


For rapid support and advice please phone 1300 731 381 or email

PDF - How to access the account and re-set the "Working Account HOLDER security password"
PDF - How to check progress in your working account
PDF - Working Account Best Practice Guide
PAGE - Free Resources and Handouts
PDF - Starting and check progress on an OPEN Working Account
PDF - Using a GetSet Account
VIDEO CLIP - How to get started on your Working Account
VIDEO CLIP - To help people complete their Belbin Self Perception Inventory
VIDEO CLIP - How to be a good Observer
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