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Belbin Articles for Teams and Leaders


Belbin practitioners are welcome to read these articles and draw upon them for their own Belbin knowledge and client presentations / workshops.  If an article or any part of an article is to be reproduced, it must be properly credited to the author and Sabre / Belbin Australia. 






HRD Article: Teamwork powering business performance

Building Psychological Safety

What is psychological safety?  Why is it important for teams and leaders?  What can we do to build it within teams?


Famous examples of Team Roles


An article exploring famous characters from many walks of life and their Team Role styles.




Steve Jobs - A Team Role Case Study

What Team Role styles influenced the ups and downs of Steve Jobs?


Star Wars - Team Roles of Major Characters


A fun look at the possible Team Role behaviours of major Star Wars characters.




From The Brain To The Team


Insights from modern neuroscience for team and leadership development published by the UK Training Journal.



The Language of Leadership


How leaders and their behaviour profoundly impacts team performance and engagement.


Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy TR Styles


A fun look at some of the Team Role styles of the major HHGTTG characters.



Meerkat Moments for Teams


Helping each other leverage from strengths and manage weakness in teams.




Myth Busters as a Working Relationship Study


Myth Busters as an example of how we don't even need to like one another for effective working relationships.




7 Classic Team Types and How To Help Them


Using Team Role theory to understand team culture and how best to manage it for best real world outcomes.




Sustainable Innovation - A Whole Team Affair


What can we learn about innovation as a genuine team process from start ups and disruption.




When 4 Worlds Collide


Integrating Belbin, Tuckman, Situational leadership and Neuroscience to help with team and leadership development.







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