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Your chance to get to know the real Belbin.



Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling people to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a safe, non-confrontational and productive way.


Belbin promotes self-understanding, strengths-based working and more effective communication with colleagues and managers alike. Team Roles help compose successful teams, fine-tune existing teams for high-performance, and ensure that all contributions are harnessed to best effect.



Great, but where do you start?



Maybe you’re the type to want to know all the nuts and bolts of Belbin, from the origins of the theory to the intricacies of feeding back Reports? If so, head here for details of our Two Day Accreditation Course.


Or perhaps you’re looking for a practical, hands-on taster session that helps you get to grips with the essentials, so that you can get on and promote real change with Belbin?

If that sounds more you, check out our Introduction to Belbin.



Is it for me?



Do you want a practical, evidence-based programme in your arsenal, to get your team working more effectively?


Do you want to get more from the teams you work with and are keen to hit the ground running?


Are you self-taught with Belbin and want to find out more?


Never heard of Belbin before today, but think it sounds promising?


The Introduction to Belbin course is for you. Run by our enthusiastic and experienced UK team, we’ll cover everything you need to get started with Belbin.



Here’s what we’ll cover.



You’ll learn the Belbin framework (including the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Belbin Team Roles) and how to apply it, through a variety of exercises, discussions and shared experiences.


You’ll gain practical knowledge in how to use and feed back Belbin Reports.You’ll discover how to use Belbin to enhance both individual and team performance.


You’ll play the games that help teams get a handle on all things Belbin, so you can run them with confidence, with the teams you work with.



Here’s what you’ll take away.



A resource pack (including slides and handouts) - to help you implement your learning when back at work.Your own full Belbin Report (to be completed prior to the event).


Exercises that can be replicated back in the workplace.


A certificate of attendance.



What if one day isn’t enough?



Once you have attended the Practical Day of Belbin you can use this to piggy-back on to our Accreditation Course. If you attend the Belbin Accreditation within 3 months, you will only be required to attend the first day of the course. Please contact us for details.



When and where?



We tailor these for in-house delivery at your company location, or as an off-site. We will also be scheduling some public courses soon.

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