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Belbin Brisbane




The Belbin Team Role Model and all associated products and services can easily be provided for clients in Melbourne.


We provide Belbin products and services in Melbourne and design solutions for individual, corporate, government, education and defence clients.


As an official Belbin Team Roles Distributor, Sabre can offer sales and support as well as design and delivery of highly tailored approaches and solutions that utilise the Belbin Team Role Model at your own offices or at conference venues in and around Melbourne including...


- Belbin Accreditation Courses for Melbourne (contact us for dates).


- Belbin workshops and team building events tailored to suit each client.


- Bureau service for clients in Melbourne for Belbin profiles and team reports.


- Sale and ongoing support for full eInterplace 7 online accounts and software for you to make full use of Belbin in-house. 


- Belbin books, DVD's and other products.


So if you are seeking Belbin in melbourne please get in touch.


(T) Australia-Wide 1300 731 381





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