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Team Building for Sales Teams Belbin

Team Building for Sales Teams Belbin

Team Building tailored for sales teams with Belbin behavioural profiles and workshops.

Tailored Belbin Workshops

for Sales Teams

Maximise your Sales Team's performance



Belbin Team Roles are used throughout the world to help individuals and teams work together more effectively. Belbin focuses on behaviour in the workplace – the way that people interact and interrelate with others.


By giving a language to this behaviour, individuals are able to understand how they come across to others. They  can learn how to adapt their behaviour to develop productive, not problematic, relationships. In other words, by understanding behaviour, sales professionals can become more effective.


Managers are able to utilise strengths, allocate work to the most appropriate people and form high performing teams. This means that Sales manager's can increase sales by thinking about and harnessing the talent within the team.


How can you use Belbin?



We offer a range of workshops which can be tailored to your needs.


We appreciate that you would prefer your teams to be selling, not attending courses. To that end we have a short, 2 - hour session that can be run with varying group sizes. This makes it ideal to slot in to a monthly sales meeting, for example.


2 - hour workshop


Prior to the workshop each participant will complete the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory and gain feedback from a minimum of 4 work colleagues.


During the workshop participants will:


         Gain an understanding of the nine Belbin Team Roles.


         Understand their own preferred behaviours, and the behaviours that others see.


         Understand the collective behaviours within the sales team and how to utilise them.


         Gain insight on how to get the most out of each Belbin Team Role behaviour, and things to avoid!



1 / 2 day (4 - hour) workshop


We also offer a 1/2 day workshop. This allows a more in-depth approach and gives the participants the opportunity to try out their newly found Belbin knowledge.


In addition to the 2-hour workshop they will also:


Discuss and discover ways to get the most out of their selling relationships.


Formulate a plan on how to make the most of their team - can they utilise their colleagues strengths to compliment their own?



One-day Belbin Sales Team Programme


For organisations that would like to fully harness the power of their sales teams via strong supplier-customer relationships, we offer a one-day Sales Team programme.


The approach of the programme is highly practical, interactive and engaging. Under the guidance of the facilitator you will work in small groups to reflect on, further discuss and derive solutions to sales and team-related problems. Throughout the programme delegates will work on the analysis of their profiles, cases, and short simulations.


Key Benefits of the programme:


         Practical skills to enhance behavioural change in sales people towards more meaningful collaboration.


         Insights to develop approaches to work more effectively with others; both internally and externally.


         Explore how to implement team-based selling approaches.


         Analysis of Belbin Team Roles profiles, cases, and short simulations



The three key elements of the Belbin Sales Team Programme focus on how to:


         Increase Sales Effectiveness by identifying how individuals can contribute to selling processes.


         Improve Customer Relationships through enhanced interactions.


         Use Team Role relationships within a Sales Team to maximise strengths and contain weaknesses



Alternatives to a workshop. 


You can purchase the Belbin Reports, download some session ideas, read up on the theory and run your own session!


Costs: From $63 - $83 approx per Belbin Individual Report depending upon quantity required, $150 a Belbin Team Report + a few hours of your time to prep.


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