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Tailored 7 Step Plan for Managers and Leaders

The role of the Manager and / or Leaders is crucial to team performance. But being a successful Manager isn’t an easy task. You have to manage work and people, and it’s the people aspect that can take time (that you don’t have) and energy (which isn’t an infinite resource).


Do you find yourself spending more and more time focused on people issues rather than the work that needs to be done?


Is everyone clear about the role that they need to play?


Are there tensions between members of your team or do you find it difficult delegating to some members of your team?


Do you find identifying and developing individual strengths a challenge?


One of your roles as a Manager is to break down the work that needs to be done in to tasks and responsibilities that can be delegated to the appropriate member of the team. It sounds easy. We know it’s not. This is because you are dealing with people, people who have different strengths, experience, engagement levels and abilities.


“Leadership in a team setting is much less about command and control, and more about getting the most out of a diverse and experienced group of individuals.”

EY, May 2013


At Belbin we spend time with Managers across the globe giving them the tools and common language that they need.


We work with Managers and Leaders – people like you – to help them:


Identify the individual strengths in the team


Define and communicate clear goals


Develop an atmosphere which encourages members to share their strengths and weaknesses


Foster relationships that exploit strengths and manage weaknesses


Allocate work effectively


How we do it: We take a 7-step approach.


Step 1:


We spend time to understand the issues facing you, the Manager, with your current team.


Step 2:


We start to create a common language by asking you and all team members to complete a Belbin questionnaire and to ask for feedback from each other.


Step 3:


We run a plenary session for you and the team to explore the team language of Belbin Team Roles and how it can be applied to the team situation.


Step 4:


Our consultant will spend 1:1 time with you and each member of the team.


Step 5:


The team will reconvene and share some of the outcomes of the 1:1 sessions.


Step 6:


The consultant will sit down with you. They will formulate a plan to get the most out of the team.


Step 7:


A month after the workshop the Belbin consultant will arrange a phone call to discuss the impact of the workshop.


Contact us to find out how we can help you. We’re approachable, realistic and want to help.


If you would like a chat call us on 1300 731 381, or if you would like to get an idea of timescales and costs before you start the conversation, please email us at with your location and the number of people that you manage in your team and we’ll be able to give you an approximate idea.  


We look forward to hearing from you. 



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