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Belbin Australia Representative - The Team Role of SHAPER


The Shaper is a driven, competitive and challenging “action-oriented” role that helps keep a team on task and focused on getting the job done, especially when things bog down or a team slips too much into party mode and the whip just needs to be cracked.


They help maintain a sense of urgency and when under pressure they tend to knuckle down and bust through the obstacles to make sure that positive actions are taken by the team.


Shapers are usually pretty easy to spot in a team, especially if there more than one of them or if they are locking horns with a team’s Co Ordinator over who should be in charge.


Their allowable weakness comes from the fact that it’s not too hard to press the hot buttons on a strong Shaper and they will have no problems with engaging in an argument or raising the anxiety levels to make a point.


If not careful they can tread on toes and isolate those of a more sensitive profile.


The Non Allowable weakness is failing to realise that its time to maybe go back and mend some fences if they have been on the warpath, and to not completely let anxiety and drive make them lose their sense of humour under pressure.


Shaper is an Action oriented role.

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