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Belbin Australia Representative - The Team Role of Co ordinator


Co Ordinators have a real knack for getting a team onto task in a collaborative and consultative way.


They are a natural delegator and enjoy taking on the chairperson style role of helping a team clarify what it needs to do and then collectively making the decisions to get them there.


A good Co Ordinator has a genuine skill, like an Orchestra Conductor, for bringing out the best from the people in a team and allocating talent to the right tasks.


On the flipside they need to be careful that they are not seen as obstinate and manipulative of others or just simply offloading everything onto the team to do.


Their non allowable weakness is taking the bow in front of the orchestra themselves, but not then in turn stepping aside to let the orchestra take a bow themselves for the work they may have done.


Co ordinator is a socially oriented role.

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