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The Belbin "All You Need" package
helps you to embed Belbin quickly

The Belbin “All You Need” Package


INCLUDES:  Fully functional Belbin system with 2 000 initial credit units loaded in (enough to profile 200 people), Accreditation Training, Belbin Game Package 'Contribute' and Trainer Video package.


We want to help you implement Belbin successfully within your organisation. Belbin is more than a theory. It is a practical tool that can be used by HR, L&D, Trainers, Managers and Leaders on a regular basis whether corporate, government, defence, education or NGO to ensure that;

Talent is identified and used


​Individual development is tailored to the individual


​Strengths are played to and engagement increased


​Teams are effective

The right people are in the right jobs

​Gaps and overlaps are identified and plans put in place

Diversity and understanding is embraced


Individual and collective behavioural awareness is understood and enhanced



To help you, we have put together a package that includes everything you need:

Full Belbin Interplace Account in the latest Belbin system: 

Gives you the ability to create your own Belbin Team Reports as and when you need them, and in your preferred formats.  


It also includes 2 000 Belbin profiling credits (that's 200 people worth of Belbin SPI reports generated) with the ability to generate many other Belbin reports as well which can be used to get the most out of teams and working relationships.


Additional credits can easily be purchased for top ups once the initial credits have been used.


Accreditation for up to three people: 


Gives you and your team a full understanding of the theory, the reports and how to use them.  


Discounted per person rates are also offered for any additional team members accredited at the same time.


Belbin Game 'Contribute':


A great team building / action-learning exercise that demonstrate the point of co-operation with a number of packaged experiential challenges with workbooks and facilitator guides.


Fire Toast and Teamwork Video: 


Online licensing for viewing within the organisation of the current Belbin companion training video "Fire Toast and teamwork".  


AUD $19 725


To discuss this package and how you can implement Belbin successfully throughout your organisation , please contact us using the form below, or phone 1300 731 381 or email 




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