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The Team Role Check-Up


For new and existing users of the Belbin Team Role Model.


By completing a “Team Role Check Up” you can have a better picture of your changing strengths and allowable weaknesses in how you work with other people.


As we progress in our careers, work and communicate with new people, and as we grow older, so our behaviour changes. Sometimes by little, sometimes significantly, the Belbin Model takes this into account. Any such change is what our ANNUAL TEAM ROLE CHECK-UP can help you to adapt to positively.


The first step is to complete an updated on-line Belbin Self Perception Inventory, which generally takes about fifteen minutes. You then ask four people that you work with, preferably a boss, two colleagues and a subordinate, to complete, again on-line, our Observed Behaviour Assessment.


These materials are then analysed, and reports generated on how you see yourself interacting in a team, and how each of your observers sees your behaviour. One of our psychologists will then complete the report from their perspective. For a small cost, to new and existing users of the Belbin Team Role model, this service should be of real value and assistance in improving your own, and hence your team, performance.



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