A compact and easy to carry team building game for Belbin trainers seeking to bring the Team Roles and the learning to life with an experiential methodology. 

GAME - Co-Operate

  • Co-operate is a team building game which consists of 3 separate team building exercises.
    Each exercise can be run with 4-9 participants or all the exercises can be run at the same time, allowing up to 27 people to take part. The exercises take approximately 20 minutes each to complete. Feedback and debrief time can be as long as required.

    Participants don't need to complete a Belbin report prior to taking part, since each of the team building activities can be used without including Belbin theory. Co-operate comes with a facilitator’s guide which includes observation and feedback forms so that observed behaviours can be noted for discussion, whether on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a team building day.

    Some customers find Belbin Co-operate an invaluable tool in conducting assessment centres, since it highlights individuals' natural behaviour within a short period of time.