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Belbin Interplace 8 is coming

After extensive development, testing and refinement the very latest version of Belbin's online system, Interplace 8 will be here in Australia later this year.

Since the 1980's Belbin's Model has successfully evolved and adapted to embrace new technology and capabilities. Interplace 8 is the latest version of Belbin's online system, and it will be landing in Australia soon. The new system will offer a new look, great flexibility and some updated functionality for all Belbin users. The main points for our Australian clients at this stage are:

  • The current Interplace 7 systems will continue to run, and will not be interrupted at all. For those who wish to keep using this wonderful and reliable version, you may continue to do so.

  • We will be updating clients on the new Interplace 8 and its features as it becomes available and be offering in-person, phone, email and Zoom updates on how to migrate to use the new version. Once again, Interplace 7 will remain solidly in place for those who wish to keep using it.

  • A new look is also on the way for some of the Team Role icons (SP, ME, SH), as you will see in the gallery below.

Our own experiences with the trial versions have confirmed to us that this is a wonderful new platform for the future in terms of functionality and appearance of the newly formatted reports.

We will keep the Australian Belbin community updated as the new system's arrival gets closer.

Contact us for more information: T - 1300 731 381 E -

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