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Belbin Guide to a Restaurant Kitchen Team

Inspired by a love of Claudia (definite RI/CO/TW tendencies) and the Best Home Cook BBC programme. Also with thanks to Debbie Holmes, one of our wonderful Accredited practitioners who is running a cooking-inspired event with a team and wanted to use Belbin Team Roles alongside.


Have the list of ingredients ready, know their timings, and have it all written down and highlighted, so they can follow it to the letter. Not so great when things go wrong, so keep to the tried and tested recipes. Delia Smith is their guru.

Completer Finisher

Their desire for perfection means that they are the ones in a last-minute flap. Don't rely on them to get the course ready on time, but it when it is, it will look incredible. Best suited to 'sugarcraft' or prep where timing isn't critical…


You will definitely hear them directing the efforts of everyone in the kitchen. They will ensure that timings are kept to and that no-one deviates from the task at hand. May cause a few tears, but everyone knows that without them, it would all go to pot (pun entirely intended). Gordon Ramsey is a pin-up in their kitchen.


Ensure that everyone has what they need. Is the shoulder to cry on when it gets too much for everyone else in the kitchen. Don't worry – they will clear up the mess, get another egg, or keep an eye on the pans. They are also the best to deal with any irate customers – they have empathy in spades.


Best suited to create a taster menu – great at looking at new ways of cooking, putting together different flavours. Can hinder a well-oiled kitchen by suggesting different ideas and by not adhering to any rules. Wants to be Heston.

Monitor Evaluator

They are the ones that check that the taster menu is palatable. Probably not...


The only ones with the depth of knowledge and passion to be able to match the right wine with each morsel of food. Ask them about a particular wine and you will be hearing about the great vintage of 1987 for the next five minutes.

Resource Investigator

They know the latest fads and are usually the first ones to launch the 'on-trend' menu. Knows everyone in the trade and is able to source ingredients you didn't even know existed. Best kept to the quicker recipes when in the kitchen as they get bored pretty quickly. They covert Jamie Oliver's scooter.


They walk around the kitchen calmly, encouraging everyone and giving them the right jobs to do – taking the role of spokesperson for the kitchen and often seen 'socialising' with diners.

Hopefully they're not taking all the credit for the meal.


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