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Achieving success and looking sharp by using Belbin at UQ

As a successful Undergraduate student looking to enter the workforce, how do your strengths, and an understanding of your weaknesses translate into success in a workplace environment?

The Student Employability experts at The University of QLD are making wonderfully targeted use of the Belbin GetSet profiles to understand the different roles people play at work, where a student may fit and how they can use their team roles to advantage.   

The Employability team have recently worked with 230 Engineering students to bring to life how an understanding of their natural behavioural strengths and weaknesses can help them progress in the workplace.

Their tailored sessions for student cohorts include:

  • An understanding of the 9 Belbin team roles, associated behaviours and roles in the workplace.

  • Students receive a full Belbin GetSet report illustrating their roles and where they may fit best in a professional team.Learning how to collaborate successfully with other team roles.

  • Using team roles for successful career planning.

We at Belbin love to see the Model and the GetSet profiles being used so professionally and effectively to help young professionals make the most of their skills and natural behavioural strengths.

A world-class University investing in the future success of their students.


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