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Sabre and Belbin in the Community

Sabre is always delighted to work pro-bono with community, volunteer and charity organisations as part of our ongoing community engagement programme.

Recently with kind backing also from Belbin UK, we delivered a Team DNA session for the Women's team from The Mudgeeraba Fooball / Soccer Club using individual Belbin profiles, team reports and our popular team challenge project "Picture Perfect".

The Team DNA session explored how all team's develop and how both on and off field communication and behaviour can profoundly influence planning, execution and morale for any team.

The Sabre facilitators had a lot at stake delivering this programme in place of the team's usual pre-game training in the lead up to a big game (especially as the last all female team we worked with actually won an Olympic medal).

The end result was not only very positive in terms of the positive feeling engendered by the programme itself, but the guys also had a big win that weekend.

We were all delighted to see the fruits of their "teaming" help them both on and off the pitch.

Go Mudgee!

Community Team Building.jpg

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