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Belbin Australia Rep - Spotlight on the Role of COMPLETER FINISHER

Belbin Australia Rep - Spotlight on the Role of COMPLETER FINISHER

We have a bit of a saying that if a team does not have a Completer Finisher to worry about things, you will likely end up with a lot more things to worry about.

A Completer Finisher is another “action-oriented” role, but their concern is for really delving into the nitty gritty detail and fine polish upon whatever the finished product or output of the team is. They are a natural and very conscientious “standard bearer” who will stay up till 3 am and shed blood to get it right, near enough isn’t good enough.

They will find errors and capability gaps between people that a non CF may never spot and really “dot the I’s and cross the T’s”. You’ll proof read something 10 times, they look at it once and it comes back to you covered in red pen.

Their anxiety to get it right is usually beneath the surface, but if they feel they don’t have time to get it 100% right or are task overloaded the anxiety can pretty quickly be ”put out there” onto others as an allowable weakness.

Delegation and “letting go” can also be a real challenge for a strong Completer Finisher, as in their eyes there can be a real risk it won’t be done as well as they could do it, or in the same way. Thus they can look over your shoulder and micro-manage if they don’t reign it in.

The non allowable weakness is letting the anxiety take over and obsessing about the quest for perfection even when circumstances might dictate that it’s just not possible to do so.

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