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Full Belbin Interplace Systems



Operate your own Full Belbin Interplace 7 System


Interplace is the program that analyses the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory and Observer Assessments and produces the Belbin reports. You can own your own full system that enables you to generate tailored profiles, reports and assessments on demand as well as tap many bonus extras and features. 

You can do everything that we can do with your own in-house Belbin system.


If you are profiling 200 or more people, this is often the most economical way to use Belbin.


There is also the 'GetSet' system designed for students and young people with less or no workplace experience.













What are the BENEFITS?


Having your own Interplace account gives you the ability to create your own Belbin Team Role reports, as and when you need them.


You decide whether to add Observer Assessments, to whom the reports should be e-mailed, who should be in each team report, whether to compare individuals to a Job profile....the list is (almost) endless.


The key factor is that you only pay for submitting a Self-Perception Inventory. All the other reports and inventories are free of charge.


Your Interplace account also provides you with a wide range of background information so that, as a facilitator, you feel confident to use the Belbin reports. With over 20 different reports available to you as well as free resources, the Interplace account is your one-stop shop for Belbin reporting.


What can I use my Interplace account for?


Interplace is a very versatile tool and can help in most 'people-related' areas. The most popular uses of the reports that Interplace produces are:


  • Team building (new and existing teams)

  • Personal development

  • Career development/Internal recruitment

  • Internal/External recruitment

  • Re-structuring of departments and organisations

  • Creating project teams

  • Conflict management

  • Management development

  • Talent management



WHO SHOULD HAVE their own Interplace account?


Interplace can be used for a variety of different reasons and as such it appeals to many different people in different sectors of business. An Interplace account may be your best option if you would like to:


  • Produce reports for individuals over any period of time

  • Purchase reports at half the 'standard' price

  • Be able to specify the numbers of Observer Assessments required

  • Have complete 'big brother' access to see 'who has done what'

  • Set up mini accounts for your colleagues to use

  • Use the Belbin reports for recruitment/job reporting, free of charge

  • Run unlimited free Team/Organisational reports, free of charge

  • Run unlimited Working relationship reports, free of charge

  • Have access to presentations, handouts, inventories and slides

  • Add your own/company logo to the reports

  • Take advantage of reduced costs for additional units once all 200 have been used



WHAT DO I GET with an Interplace account?


Once you have purchased the Interplace online account you will have access to:


  • 200 testing units - 1 is used each time a SPI is completed

  • 24 different reports - including team reports, organisational reports...(all free of charge)

  • 3 presentations - which can be used with or without Meredith Belbin's voice over

  • 12 handouts - to print and use as needed

  • 4 inventories

  • Self-Perception Inventory

  • Job Observer Assessment

  • Job Requirements Inventory

  • Observer Assessment

  • Access to sample reports and inventories

  • Copies of 3 of Meredith Belbin's books


Accreditation is NOT mandatory to use Belbin, but is recommended and useful

for those planning to use the Model at depth.  We can also run simple "How To" 

sessions to get you and your people up to speed on the Model, Profiles and Reports.

































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