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BOOK - The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work


How will it help me?


How you behave can make all the difference between success and failure. To succeed at work you need to be able to identify where your strengths lie, and how to present them so that everyone else notices!


By using the language of Belbin Team Roles, The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work helps you to understand yourself, and how to project your behaviour to your advantage. It also explains why some work relationships are easier than others and why some people are just difficult! Learning how to deal with others at work and the culture of the organisation are key elements to getting noticed and getting the recognition you feel you deserve.


"There are some real gems in the book, particularly the sections on how to handle difficult people and assessing organisational culture. This is a must read for all, providing a good foundation for understanding team dynamics and how managers can use Team Role theory to enhance the effectiveness of both individuals and teams in the workplace."


Elwyn Thomas - Arup Associate Director



RRP Aud $17 (includes standard post within Australia)

















DVD FOR TRAINERS - Fire, Toast and Teamwork


Fire, Toast and Teamwork is the latest DVD from Belbin. Working in conjunction with some of the leading training film producers, we have responded to your feedback,and have produced an up-to-date, modern, humorous and cost-effective DVD. It begins with an imaginative, animated sequence to introduce Team Role Theory, then moves to a more traditional 'case study' where we see a team in action.


DVD Extras:  These provide an in-depth look at each of the Team Roles. Advice is provided on how best to play each role and how to manage, and work with, others. The Q&A session with Meredith Belbin gives a rare opportunity to gain real insight into the whys and wherefores of Team Role theory.


Who is it for?  Any trainer, consultant or organisation passionate about using the language of Team Roles to help bring a new team together or enable existing teams to become more motivated and effective.


The Fire, Toast and Teamwork DVD package includes:


DVD Film

Optional English subtitles


Team Roles in detail and Q&A with Meredith Belbin

Trainer's Guide

Hints and tips for using the DVD

Exercises and Handouts


RRP: Aud $1 200

























WHAT is Co-operate?


Co-operate is a team building game which consists of 3 separate team building exercises.


Each exercise can be run with 4-9 participants or all the exercises can be run at the same time, allowing up to 27 people to take part. The exercises take approximately 20 minutes each to complete. Feedback and debrief time can be as long as required.


Participants don't need to complete a Belbin report prior to taking part, since each of the team building activities can be used without including Belbin theory. Co-operate comes with a facilitator’s guide which includes observation and feedback forms so that observed behaviours can be noted for discussion, whether on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a team building day.


Some customers find Belbin Co-operate an invaluable tool in conducting assessment centres, since it highlights individuals' natural behaviour within a short period of time.


WHY use Co-operate?


Co-operate has many uses! Feedback from our customers has shown that it can be used for:


Assessment Centres - a great way to observe behaviour in a 'team' situation

Ice breakers - gets everyone involved from the start, or gets them going again after lunch!

New team development - gives everyone the chance to co-operate from the start

Team Building - a great way of seeing how a team copes and communicates

Management development - observing how individuals interact with the team


The THREE Exercises:


Co-operate uses three action-oriented exercises which actively illustrate the most important elements of good teamwork. Successful completion of the tasks depends on effective communication, co-operation and decision-making.


Team Build


The team is asked to complete a series of shapes on different boards, exchanging pieces as they go, without being able to see each others’ boards. Ultimately, the exercise can only be completed if they sacrifice short-term individual goals for the sake of the team’s achievements.


Team Rescue

The team is required to form a strategy to defuse a “bomb” within a short timeframe. They must listen for the input of other team members and decide who will be actively involved in the operation.


Team Write

This exercise is only possible if the team pulls together to work as one. The team must control the writing apparatus supplied to manoeuvre a pen and draw different shapes.




Each of the activities draws attention to a different aspect of team dynamics, providing plenty of opportunities for observation and feedback. The team building game also includes an overview by Dr Meredith Belbin on the lessons in effective team work to be learned from the exercises, building on a common understanding which can be taken back to the workplace.


RRP Aud $1 200











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